It's time to live wisdom every day.


During this period of great upheaval,
you can lose perspective.
It’s hard to see how to live all you’ve gained
from meditation, prayer, and
spiritual teachings.


Yet these changing times
are calling you
to integrate what you’ve learned
and see it
through wisdom’s eyes.


As a veteran teacher and caring writer,
I can shift your perspective
and help you reframe
ancient teachings and earth wisdom
in accessible and practical ways
to increase personal contentment.

You feel the shift coming.

During a time when you may be sensing an impending change from a dualistic, hierarchical culture to a more holistic, integrated one, you may need touchstones to remind you that you are innately wise and interconnected with the earth.

Although spiritual traditions offer bountiful wisdom, they’re often taught in complicated and esoteric ways that don’t apply to your responsibilities in the world and to 
our planet.

What if you could feel at home in your
humanity and wisdom wherever you are?

And what if you could do so with
beauty and simplicity?

As a self-aware person, you are being called to bring all of the teachings you’ve learned through study and meditation into your daily life.

When you find ways to experience ancient wisdom in nature and everyday life, you’ll feel calmer, more connected, and more alive. The people in your personal and professional life will feel it, and our planet will reap the benefits.

Ancient and earth wisdom is already inside of you. Based on thirty years of experimentation and practice, I offer gentle inspiration to live it every day.


Dive deeper into your living wisdom journey. I will offer gentle insights as your 
personal mentor, or you can join my small group study circle.

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Dip into living wisdom 
whenever you need it with 
my books, Mala of the Heart: 108 Sacred Poems and Mala of Love: 108 Luminous Poems.
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Join me at one of my in-person classes, or talks in the Bay Area and beyond.

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“May you blossom from
the heart of your being.”

– Kate Vogt


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