Weave your spiritual life into your worldly life.


Root yourself in ancient and earth wisdom.

You’re probably a busy person with lots of personal and professional responsibilities.

Whatever your path or belief system, you must have a rich contemplative life if you’re here.

But if you’re like many others, whether you’re an adept or a novice, you might get thrown off your path.

During this time of great cultural shifting, perhaps you want to deepen and integrate your spiritual life with your responsibilities to your daily life and to our planet.

What if you could live the wisdom you’ve gained in books, workshops, and retreats in a simple, grounded, every day way?

What if nature could be your window to living with 
wisdom’s eyes?

I will shift your perspective and help you reframe ancient teachings and earth wisdom in accessible and practical ways to increase personal contentment and collective well-being.

My Story

My roots are in nature. I grew up in the flatlands of western Kansas where my family members have been wheat farmers for 100 years, and the elders in my community modeled a deep reverence for the earth and for living a life guided by grounded spiritual values. Growing up in this place, I felt deeply connected to the land, sky, subtle shifts in nature, and the awe of existence.

Yet, I grew apart from my original teachers – the elders and nature itself. My parents divorced when I was young, and I had to adapt to urban living when I moved away from Kansas. After getting my BA in Art History, I lived in Europe as a translator and foreign worker liaison for six years. When I returned to the States, I went back to school for my MBA in Organizational Leadership and found success in the world of philanthropy while leading campaigns and growing boards.

In my thirties, the loss of my mother to suicide and of my marriage to divorce set me back on the path to living wisdom. In my forties, I traveled solo around the world, met my husband Jay, and entered into a yoga teacher training program. Although I had already studied over 1,000 hours of yoga philosophy before the training, it was the deep study of mantra and breath that brought my inner and outer life back into alignment.

Over the next twenty years, I taught yoga, wrote, and presented. I experimented with how to bring into daily life what I’d learned from my nature-rich roots and study of a range of ancient traditions. In the process, I realized that my rural upbringing with wise ancestors uniquely prepared me to grasp the origins of ancient wisdom: Nature.

As a presenter and teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, I share the living wisdom practices I’ve honed over two decades through my writing, teaching, and mentoring. In addition to my two books, Mala of the Heart: 108 Sacred Poems and Mala of Love: 108 Luminous Poems, which I edited with Ravi Nathwani, my writing has been featured in Yoga Journal, Integral Yoga Magazine, UK Yoga & Health Magazine, and Embodied Philosophy’s “Voices.” You can learn more about my writing here.

You are innately wise.

Life has just side tracked you.

Our changing world needs people like you
to ground the knowledge and self-awareness
you’ve gained from your contemplative
practices in simple, real, and rooted ways.
It needs you to live wisdom every day.

Spending time with Kate always leaves me happier, lighter, more energized, and inspired. She has a way of taking a complicated problem or concept and simplifying it so that it’s easier to understand. Her beautiful, wise words and presence are always perfect for what I need at that moment. Her wisdom is priceless!

-Praveena Kumar

A companion for your Living Wisdom journey

Living Wisdom is not for the faint of heart.

You must be willing to

  • See and interact with the world afresh day after day
  • Let go of conditioned perspectives
  • Recognize that shiny objects, convenience, and rushing can be distractions

You could go on this quest alone, but it will be easier (and more fun) to go together. Whether you work with me as your personal mentor, or participate in a small group circle, my mentorship in Living Wisdom will nourish you, deepen your insight, and ground you in ways to weave wisdom into your daily life.

Deep gratitude for the words and wisdom you so elegantly weave together. It allows my mind to quiet and connect with nature’s divine flow and landscape. It is the remembering of one pulse and the wisdom of nature’s truth.
- Kelly Galland

Enjoy gems of natural beauty 
& #naturesutras

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