A Question

At your heart of heart, “Who are you?” A question asked by a three and half year old Eli.

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Knowledge always deceives.It always limits the Truth, every concept and image does.From cage to cage the caravan moves, but I give thanks,for at each divine juncture my wings expandand I touch Him more intimately. Meister Eckhart A faint sound greeted my ears as I...

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Who speaks the sound of an echo? Who paints the image in a mirror? Where are the spectacles in a dream? Nowhere at all – that’s the nature of mind! Tree-Leaf Woman (c. 9th century poet) As the sun began to set, the pond became still.   My husband Jay and I...

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Sometimes afraid of reunion, sometimes of separation:  You and I, so fond of the notion of a you and an I, should live as though we’d never heard those pronouns. Rumi It is late August, and open meadows and deciduous trees are turning from green to brown....

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Natural Elders

The weight of arrogance is such that no bird can fly carrying it. St. John of the Cross It is an early summer morning.  There is a soft breeze wafting through the kitchen window and the nighttime is slowly giving way into the promise of the rising sun.  I...

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I was delighted with myself, having offered everything I had; my heart, my faith, my work. “And who are you,” you said, "to think you have so much to offer? It seems you have forgotten where you came from.” Rumi It is summertime in the Northern Hemisphere.  Even...

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Rocks and Stones

universe???Tukuram In our human-centric world, it is refreshing to be away from the phone, computer, and car – and to slow down and get back in touch with some primal wisdom.  Although it wasn’t our main intention, my husband Jay and I benefited immensely from...

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The reeds give way to the wind and give the wind away. A. R. Ammons As I walked along the water in a nearby meadow, I heard a faint rustle.  I paused, expecting to see a small rodent scurry into the grasses.  Instead, a bed of reeds waved at me.   Their...

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God is no-thing,concealed in the now and here:the less you reach for him,the more he will appear. Silesius These past few days I’ve had the impulse toward shedding.  It feels like an inner pull to embrace the light of the season.  With the upcoming solstice,...

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Come quickly – as soon asthese blossoms open,they fall.This world existsas a sheen of a dew on flowersIzumi Shikibu This has been a busy week with a lot of driving, errands, work, and just trying to squeeze a full week into three days. My husband Jay and I had taken a...

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The Angel that presided o’er my birthSaid ‘Little creature, form’d of joy and mirth,Go, love without the help of anything on earth.William Blake Most of the day had been stormy with high winds and heavy rain. I had gone out to feed the birds and pick up the mail in...

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Elm Tree

Complaint is only possible while living in the suburbs of God. Hafiz As I read this poem by Hafiz, I found myself tempted to complain about complaining. It sometimes seems easier to share a story about a mishap or mistreatment, or an unexpected event.  Fortunately...

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