Dive deeper into your living wisdom journey.


Are you ready to live wisdom every day?

Invest in a Living Wisdom Mentoring session for yourself or join a Living Wisdom Study Circle. You’ll learn to bring ancient wisdom down to earth 
and into your daily life.

The result: You’ll feel calmer, more connected, and alive.

Living wisdom mentoring

More than likely, you’ve had a spiritual practice for a while. Perhaps it’s time to bring everything you’ve learned into the real world.

Our mentoring session will help you translate what you’ve studied into living wisdom so you can experience greater contentment and well-being. After each session, you’ll receive personalized practices to use in your daily life.

After spending time with Kate, I always come away 
feeling lighter, more hopeful and more certain about my own place in the world.
~ Lea Dutton

A Living Wisdom Mentoring Session is best suited for you if you’re looking for

  • A down-to-earth, organic process
  • A single, or occasional session for inspiration and practical tips

It’s not right for you if you’re looking for

  • A step-by-step, structured approach
  • A multi-session, ongoing process

We need people like you living wisdom every day. Complete a Mentoring Inquiry Form to begin the process. Your 40-minute session will be held by Zoom.


Living Wisdom Study Circle

Do you long to be part of an intimate group who gathers each month to discuss how to bring ancient wisdom into your everyday life? Join one of my Living Wisdom Study Circles as we explore a different Living Wisdom Ingredient each season such as


  • Wisdom Eyes: See the World Anew
  • Tune In: Listen to the Plants and Trees
  • Feel Aliveness: Touch the Living Earth
  • Lighten Up: Laugh with the Ancient Poets

I have studied with Kate for almost 20 years. Her ability to curate small discussion groups is exceptional. Not only does she provide insight and practical tips, she helps her students gain insights outside of class. I always come away after time with Kate feeling happy and nourished.

~ Ann Coffey, PhD

The Circle will meet on the third Thursday each month a 90-minute Zoom gathering. Before each session, you’ll receive inspirational stories, reflection questions, and practices. Enrollment is limited to eight people.

During these times of great upheaval, we’ll practice living wisdom together so that we can bring greater calm and contentment into our lives as well as to our planet. Email me to become a part of a Circle.

INVESTMENT: $45 (3 sessions)

Enjoy gems of natural beauty 
& #naturesutras

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